2face's lawyers want me to apologize publicly despite stealing my song Yoko B

Upcoming artist, Yoko B has revealed that lawyers of the veteran singe singer 2face Idibia have demanded an apology from him after he claimed the singer stole his song.

Few days ago, Yoko B went public with claims that 2face's recently released song Amaka ft Peruzzi is owned by him

A new statement from him shows he has been contacted by the 2face's lawyer's who are demanding an apology with claims that he is tarnishing singers image in public

Read his statement below.

They ( 2face's lawyer's ) are demanding for an apology from us accusing us of trying to taint 2face's name. Can you imagine? Am I not the one to request for an apology from them for manipulating our song and stealing our concept? Instead of getting us involved before recording theirs. That is pure wickedness and an in human act towards a fellow being.

They used a different producer who works with them in their studio so it won't look obvious that I was copied, period. They said I should withdraw my statement and write an apology letter to them for trying to defame 2face

"These people know what they are doing. I am sure that somehow, 2face must have heard the song. To cover their tracks, 2face's version was produced by another producer, sperochbeatz, but they all work in the same studio".

They can't do such things to us and expect us to be calm about it, we paid money for the production of the said song 'Amaka'. We are still saving up for the video and we have already been negotiating with music video director Avalon okpe.

"I released my song five months ago and I have been unable to raise funds to shoot the video. The new song 'Amaka', by 2face featuring Peruzzi is my concept, Richie who also produced the chorus of the song, produced the song".

"Shortly after producing my song, Larry Gaga employed Richie and he left Festac town for lekki where he worked with 2face. My songs were still on his computer at that point. I was shocked when I discovered that they had 'stolen' the truth, concept and message of my song".

"The producer is not saying anything reasonable. All he keeps saying is that anyone can sing a song and name it Amaka".

They said they don't know what I am saying. They say I'm making a false accusation to gain publicity. But I wonder why the concept and instrumental of the songs are so similar if something isn't fishing".

"Right now I'm so fed up with some of our Naija top artists in the music industry. Once they arrive, they can never help you grow instead they will prefer to reap you off and frustrate youyou".


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