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Fetty Wap releases photo of what he looked like when he had two eyes

American rapper fetty wap has released a photo to show what he looked like before he lostone of his eyes

Most people never knew the rapper when he had both eyes, at the time he became popular, he was already missing one

He has now shared a photo of himself with both eyes

Rihanna's stylist reveals he has been infected with HIV

A popular celebrity stylist who has styled the likes of Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, Bella Hadid, and more has taken to social media to announce that he has been infected with HIV

Farren 'Fucci' jean Andrea 25, took to twitter to make this announcement and asked his followers to "pray for him" he captured the short note announcing his HIV status

Meet Ewobiolaoluwaseto aka Fattiebumbum, the Nigerian plus-size model causing a stir online (Photos)

Ewobiolaoluwaseto Bridget Cul, is a Nigerian plus size model known as Orobo or Fattybumbum or blow blow by my wafftown people. she is causing a stir online because of her jaw dropping boobs.

According to her, she loves going out without a bra, " yeah why wont she knowing that some girls wear bra just to make their breast look bigger but Bridget does not need a bra by the way are their bra's for this size of breast LOL just my thots....please leave a comment

see pictures below

Ladies get in here, is this true about Nigerian men? Lol

Image this true your comments

Clear photo of Beyonce's twin's Faces emerges

A recent photo of Beyonce cradling her twin babies, Sir and Rumi Carter has emerged. The singer is seen wearing a hugesmile as she held both twins during the Family's vacation.